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Unidentified insect

Observed: 16th April 2011 By: Cathy o'
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unidentified bug

During late spring I discovered an insect which I had never saw before whilst triming a Hawthorne hedge.
The insect must be a relation to the Shield Bug (Stink Bug) I thought it must be an ordenary bug at first but through my research on various insect web sites and gardeners nobody has recognised it.
The bug was about 16mm long, bright green,orangy legs and feelers, the amazing thing is that it had a perfect Orange Crucifix on its upper parts with a red spot at the bottom of it. ...I havent seen anymore since.
I would appreciate it if you could let me know if it is a new or rare species.


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Sounds a bit odd...

It does sound like Hawthorn Shieldbug, except that its legs are normally green rather than orange (at least in adult). Was the orange cross diagonal or parallel to the bug's body? Have a look at some photos and see if it matches - there aren't many species that big in the UK.

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Hawthorn Shield BugI

I searched everywhere to ID this bug but to no avail.
The Orange Crucifix was quite large and very distinct, it runs parallel to the length of the body, at the time I just took it for granted that it must be a common bug.