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Upstaging the Butterfly

Observed: 4th August 2011 By: anonymous spotter

I was trying to shoot the Green-Veined White; when the hoverfly flew into the frame, and the autofocus decided it made a better picture!

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Classic problem

... when we put machines in control, Roger.

We first used autofocus 15 years ago on a safari trip to Kenya. The number of times the camera wanted to focus on a blade of grass some way in front of a lion ... They pick the closest object most of the time.

Fuzzy lion, sharp grass! :))

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I think that Terry Pratchett -

had the right of it: "never trust anything that weighs less than the instruction manual".
This was taken with my lightweight compact.
My big, hefty Nikon DSLR (which I left at home because of the weather), on the other hand, would probably have failed to focus on either insect...