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Dead greenfinches

Observed: 31st July 2011 By: RosBromwichRosBromwich’s reputation in Birds

We have not seen any of the affected great tits as reported in the press this week but saw a strange thing a couple of days ago - 2 dead greenfinches under the bird feeder in our garden in the Gower peninsula.
The greenfinches seemed unmarked - no lesions or feathers damaged by a cat/sparrowhawk/whatever. The feeder is on an apple tree near the house with a lot of ivy, hedge, and grass around it making a fairly dense cover under the tree.
A day or so later we saw a very sick-looking bullfinch on a windowsill, it seemed to be breathing heavily and later disappeared.

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It sounds like it could be Trichomoniasis, a disease that greenfinches are prone to,check out the BTO site for more info.

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dead greenfinches

thanks, will look it up