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Type of centaury

Observed: 3rd August 2011 By: Clarehalliday
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Could be a white version of common centaury, but I'm not sure whether this species can have white flowers, or whether it's a different centaury. A lot of pink common? centaury occupy the same field.

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I haven't seen a white centaury before - apparently there is a white one, Centaurium tuuiflorum but it is 'very rare on moist bare ground near the sea' S coast.

Seems perhaps more likely that it's just a variant of the whatever is common in that field? (I hadn't realised quite how many centauries there were - 6 pink/white ones, though most are rare.) It's difficult to see the diagnostic features in these photos: the white one is 10-35cm tall, with 5-9 internodes, strictly erect branches ad dense inflorescences, fl usually white.

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C tenuiflorum

Sorry -typo with the latin name.

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Centaureum erythraea

I have seen white variants of Common Centaury in Sussex. Many dozens were noted north of Newhaven, growing with the normal pink coloured plants.