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Observed: 3rd August 2011 By: AlfozAlfoz’s reputation in Invertebrates

There were thousands of the black flies with the orange/red legs both flying and on these flowers. We saw several of the black bee-like insects always on flowers. I find them really interesting but know very little about them. Have some ID books but there are so many insects out there!

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called noon day fly because

called noon day fly because it emerges only in sunny conditions.

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Noon-day Fly

The name "Noon-day fly" refers to Mesembrina meridiana, not Tachina grossa. The overall appearance is similar, but Tachina has a yellow head and is much bigger than Mesembrina.

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You have four species of fly

You have four species of fly here. The big one is Tachina grossa, a parasitoid fly that develops inside large caterpillars. The one with orange patches on the sides is an Eristalis hoverfly. The red-legged ones are Bibionids, perhaps B. pomonae, and there is an indeterminate fly at lower left. For good measure, you have what looks like the rear end of the soldier-beetle Rhagonycha fulva at middle left! No Noon-flies though.



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Four species

Thanks very much for such a comprensive ID