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Manually Enter Titles

This is more of a request for the removal of a feature than the addition of a new one. A reversion request, if you will.

I love the relatively recent changes to iSpot whereby, when adding a new observation, some of the observation details are automatically filled in from the digital image details, most useful in this regard being date. However, I do wish that automation did not extend to the title of the observation. Observation titles such as "P123456" or "IMG_1234" (taken from the digital image name) are no help whatsoever when scanning say, "Unread", for items of interest.

I much preferred it when users were forced to think about a title and manually type it in - they were much more likely to apply something descriptive.

(A secondary reason is that "Preview" tends to overwrite my carefully entered title and reverts to the blasted image name.)



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Agreed -

a good point well made.

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However if you carefully

However if you carefully label and enter details about your images before posting to ispot it means you have to do all of this twice which is even more annoying.
Someone pointed out to me they did not like the automatic naming with the img_2378 or whatever so I add a more descriptive name after this. If I had to change the name to remove the filename itself then it would be very difficult to find that image file again to edit in the data from ispot as it would have a different name to the one it has on my computer. This is a particular issue when you have large numbers of image files and want to keep them tidy, a situation that almost eveyone is likely to find themself in eventually.
I do appreciate it can be annoying for those trying to do the ID if there is no extra info besides the img_2378 but if you simply add the word 'gull' or 'dragonfly' or whatever after so end up with 'img_2378 gull' as the title then that should satisfy?

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If you like the photo name -

and want to use it for the title: you can highlight it, using the mouse, then "copy". Then putting the cursor into the title box and using "paste" will put it in verbatim at little effort.

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In favour

I would like it to ask so that if i get distracted by neighbors asking for cups of sugar making me forget to change it. It has happened and i had to edit it later when i realized after it had been on for a while.


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This is too funny...neighbours and sugar!
But yes. This system is a little frustrating. I have a little software programme which allows me to do batch changes to my images.
But the simplest way is by highlighting the small group of images wherever you have them on your computer (those that refer to a single observation)...right click on the fist image...select rename from the dropdown menu and give a new name to the series...for instance wasp_20-07-2011 and then click on the area outside the highlighted images. All the images from the first to the last will be renamed with the addition of a sequential number after the first image.
You can then just move these into a folder somewhere to keep all your iSpot observations in one place. Doing that before you add your observation will at least ensure a more memorable title for your images.
Obviously if you are using mobile phones to upload, the issue is a little different.

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File names

I have found the quickest workaround for this is to add the observation title after uploading the images and allow the image file names to remain those that were created by the camera.
I use a date code related to the date i copied the images from the camera stick to the computer as my main index.


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name before

I name my photo then put it on my desktop before adding it to iSpot and it solves all these problems.I then don't worry if someone knock's on my door for sugar,maybe I should when the nearest neighbour is two miles,more likely to be a sheep,but they don't eat sugar.
Sorry joking aside if you title them first in your photo's then problem solved.


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I salute ...

... and thank those of you who are conscientious enough to either modify photo titles before upload to make them meaningful or who choose to manually modify the generated observation title to be descriptive. I take a mixture of both approaches myself.

My main point is that many users do not adopt either approach because they aren't forced to.