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Abortiporus biennus

Observed: 11th July 2011 By: New Forest WalkerNew Forest Walker’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
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A delicate fungi, mainly creamy white coloured turning peachy pink at the edges, the underside looks a little like lace. Approximately 8-10cm across - each cluster.


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Very intersting, do you have

Very intersting, do you have higher resolutin images as I can't really see any detail of the underside. Do you think it could be one fungus growing on another?

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Higher resolution images

Hi Miked
I've added two original images - I hope they help somewhat.

They looked very much like one fungus to me, although I'm no expert.

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Thanks, the other reason i

Thanks, the other reason i wanted a higher res image was to check if it was spines(teeth) or not underneath and they don't look like spines. Have seen one or two that look a bit like this in the books but i am not very familiar with them so would not like to make an ID. probably someone else would have a go. by the way have you come across the hampshire fungus group and there may be another group that deals with fungi just in new forest.

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Abortiporus biennus

I think this is Abortiporus biennus.

Andy Overall

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Thank you Miked for the links

Thank you Miked for the links - very interesting.
Andy - that looks very much like it. I've found a picture on the site that looks exactly the same as the one I've seen, although it looks like this can take a number of forms. I'll change the ID and see if I get any agreements.

Thanks again for all the info.