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Spectacular and deadly?

Observed: 2nd August 2011 By: ben rigsby
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Largest specimens had caps some 25cm or so wide and shield-shaped/irregular. young fresh specimens had very firm, off-white caps.
a distinctive red, bulbous base to the short stem.
tubes yellow but staining blue green on bruising. flesh bruises light blue. Later fading to brown.
pores orange-red in maturity.
unpleasant smell and was attractive to flies.
calcareous soil, ancient grassland with a few scattered trees. growing under OAK. There were 2 groups of mushrooms about 50 m apart.
Edit: Post photography, all specimens were left on site exactly where they were found to allow continued spore dispersal.

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if I was closer I would make

if I was closer I would make a visit to see these beauties.

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hi Flax and thanks for your

hi Flax and thanks for your comment,

at time of visit there were around 10 specimens. the colours were as impressive as any lizard!
one of my best-ever Myco finds.

i spent a lot of time poring over descriptions and looking at pix/video of B satanus and B legaliae (formerly satanoides/splendidus - what polaritive nomenclature!) before plumping hopefully for the former species on account of the swollen base stem and whiter cap.
the two seem very similar and hard to differentiate. well to me anyway!
is there any easy way to tell the 2 spp apart in the field?
i have more pix if anyone wants to see them.

thanks, ben

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The books say (I have only

The books say (I have only once seen satanus and never seen legaliae) that the cap of satanus starts out white and then turns greyish olive whereas legaliae becomes flushed pinkish after also starting out white.

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thanks flax. i observed

thanks flax.
i observed specimens from young, fresh n firm, to rotting. i dont remember seeing any embarrassed-looking caps.


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I don't know I was over there

I don't know I was over there a couple of times in June/July and there were almost no fungi about at all. Obviously they have sprung out after some rain.