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pink flowers amid rock at 300 feet

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As for odd location,this may be a garden escape as this plant is widely used in rock garden's I have planted it quite a bit in the past as maybe an escape ie seed's carried by bird's.


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There is nothing unusual

There is nothing unusual about Thrift on mountain-tops. Like many adapted xerophytes, it has a distribution on the coast (salt stress, high winds) and mountains (high winds, thin soils) where conditions tend to decrease water intake or increase transpiration, and not much in between. See also Roseroot, Scurvy Grass, Sea Plantain as other examples. Some of these have also colonised major roadsides where winter salt provides the water stress.

As to the location, I suspect that should be 3000', not 300', where a garden escape would be unlikely!



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yes 3000 feet. The 300 was a typing error. Sorry, should read my stuff before clicking on SAVE

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Thrift inland

Thrift is not uncommon in our British mountains. It is always a welcome sight.


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It also works the other way round

I was recently at a place in Shetland, pretty much at sea level and right on the coast. The particular set of conditions there meant that there were several arctic alpine plants.


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thanks to you all for ID and comments. I have seen it several times since on mountains and now immediately recognise it (with your help) Colin