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weird red insect - flying pixie?


have just posted this - hoping someone can help with identifying. no knowledge of insects so don't ask me anything technical! there were a few of them in the bracken, hard to spot and very difficult to photograph but mesmerising to watch. incredible looking - the best thing we saw on our nature ramble (plus loads of butterflies, moths and other creatures!)



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Insects are difficult -

even with good, clear photos it may not be possible to do any better than identify a genus - or sometimes even a family. To be more definite, you may even need to dissect their important little places, which they probably object to.
There are at least 10,000 species in the UK, which makes things trickier. They can be fascinating, though: I can't resist photographing them and trying to work out what they are.
I think that the identification posted may well be correct, for what it's worth.