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Rudolf the red-bummed spider

Observed: 31st July 2011 By: jason.shallcrossjason.shallcross’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Red bit

Actually I've just noticed on closer inspection that the red bit seems to be "stuck on" rather than a marking.

Could it be eggs?

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no luck

I haven't got my spider book to hand so if you have no luck with ID,will have a look in my book when I can get it,must say the title made me smile.


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Yes, it does indeed seem to be a harvestman.

And I've just zoomed right in on the original high-res version on a better screen - I think I can see eyes on the red lump so clearly something is hitching a ride!

It just fooled me as it was so well aligned with the spider.

Thanks for the assistance, and I'm glad if the title made anyone smile!