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Tufted caterpillar

Observed: 31st July 2011 By: woodchip
Tufted caterpillar

tufted orange and white caterpillar

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Thank you

That's great, there have been several commas flying here in recent years so it seems plausible from that too.

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Direct confirmation

About a week after I posted the observation this caterpillar (and two others) pupated on the sapling. We watched them carefully and then on 19th August the first butterfly emerged with wings closed and hung directly on the now empty pupa, just after lunch we went out and moved it into the sunshine and within a few minutes its antennae slowly moved out from lying parallel with the leading edge of its wings to a more alert position. Then after about 30 seconds there it suddenly trembled all over and seperated the still closed wings so that the front wings were clearly stretched out from the back wings. The trembling declined and after about another minute it opened the wings, climbed round onto the top of the twig with its wings held flat to the sunshine and in the blink of an eye was gone!