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Ichneumons Leighton Buzzard

Observed: 7th June 2009 By: Rory MorriseyRory Morrisey’s reputation in Invertebrates
IchneumonSuspiciosus AlwinsField 07062009
IchneumonSp LedburnPit 06092009
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The black and white one is genus Ichneumon (white section to antennae and some other pale markings). The black and yellow one is Amblyteles armatorius (from position of yellow abdominal marks and yellow legs, including yellow trochanter). Not many ichneumons I'd i.d. to species from a photo, but A. armatorius is distinctive and the pattern distinguishes it from other black & yellow species such as Ichneumon sarcitorius & Protichneumon pisorius.

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two different species

suggest the second image is reposted as a new observation