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Kidney spot ladybird

Observed: 23rd July 2011 By: sandford17sandford17’s reputation in Invertebratessandford17’s reputation in Invertebratessandford17’s reputation in Invertebratessandford17’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Which Lady ?

Three Links illustrating the dilemma

I think it might be a two spot melanic form 3 reasons a/ I have never seen the red spot black eye in the kidney 2/ The face is white i think the Kidney is black 3/ The flange to the rear is not concave enough.

Yes the Conspicua form of Harlequin is a candidate but the shape looks rounded and I am guessing is smaller circa 5 - 7 mm

I could be wrong a face shot would be more definitive

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Definitely Harlequin.

Definitely Harlequin. Melanic 2-spots have square front spots, touching the front and side of the elytra, and Kidney-spot never has white on the pronotum. The eye-spot is relatively common - it means this chap's parents were one conspicua form and one succinea form

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