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Unknown fungi

Observed: 23rd October 2007 By: oceanlis2000oceanlis2000’s reputation in Fungi and Lichensoceanlis2000’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
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This seems to be quite a characteristic fungi with the frilly edges


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My first thought is that it is a Parasol or related Lepiota species. Did it have a classic mushroom stipe (stalk?)

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Looks more like a...............

Looks more like a jellyfish to me. hee hee! Although seriously this does look like a really interesting species. The frills around the edge of the cap are probably the remnants of the partial veil, which eventually, once the cap expands, forms the ring. I've really no idea what it might be, at a guess I'm going for Agaricus sp.


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Unknown fungi

Thanks for the comments I had a look on-line for Cortinarius bolaris at


this photo doesn't have the frilly cap so I think it must be someting else

its not the parasol mushroom as I have photos of that


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I'm inclined to agree..............

I agree to agree with Exobasidium that this is likely to be Cortinarius bolaris. This species has an annulus (ring) which covers the gills in immature specimens, thus it is quite possible that given the right conditions this may adhere to the cap forming the frill like structure visible in your photos. The colouration and large scales on the cap also fit with C.bolaris. Another reason for the frill could also be that in some mature specimens of fungi, the rim of the cap will start to curl upwards at the edges exposing the gills beneath and sometimes causing them to break - which could appear like a frill.