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Site sharing

I wonder whether any other ispot users would be interested in a site sharing scheme. I would be happy to share my local knowledge of my local sites with anyone interested in the local flora and fauna. I don't necessarily mean 'meeting up' but more giving detailed directions to specific plants. This may be risky, especially where rare species are involved or habitats are sensitive or fragile, but with the aid of ispot, profiles can be checked before information is given out. I'd like to know what other members think.Gary



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Certainly a good idea -

But prone, as you point out, to potential abuse.
Having had to relocate three times in my life, finding new places to see wildlife is one of the big challenges. I've followed up a couple of the locations posted on iSpot, which has helped.
Apologies if this appears twice: the site crashed just as I saved the first draft.

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How about suggesting sites which are interesting for their species richness rather than for specific species, this gets around the problem.

I'll give it a think and post my favorite haunts.

Graham Banwell

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