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Observed: 29th July 2011 By: miked
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Possibly Pluteus, there was a clump behind these ones where they were well past their best and possibly 15cm diameter and much more whitish.


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Most Pluteus normally have pink gills. Possibly Tricholoma?


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Pluteus have pink spores and

Pluteus have pink spores and the gills often have a pinkish hint especially when older. Using a bit of imagination these did have a pinkish hint to them but the cap does not look right for the common Pluteus species.
On the other hand the stem and gill attachment is right for Pluteus.
The cap did look a bit like a Tricholoma.

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Tricholoma or PLuteus

I think that the woodchip is probably misleading here. These look to be Tricholoma the edges of the caps of some of these are discolouring, which would suggest Tricholoma sp. Need more info. Spore Print would be helpful here.

Andy Overall

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Have gone back and collected

Have gone back and collected one for a spore print. Some of the gills were damaged previously and they are definitely pink and they are tinged pink in general and the whole thing is a bit floppy and falling into pieces like Pluteus rather than Tricholoma which tend to be stronger.
The spore print is a pinkish brown so definitely not Tricholoma. Did print against black first and the colour is not clear (pink or some kind of brown) so doing it again against white.

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I await..................

I await your conclusion with much interest.


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Spore print is from the cap

Spore print is from the cap in the centre at the back. Print made in black ice cream box with white ispot card underneath so can get an idea against black and white, the spores on black have dried out.
Spore print is not white!
I suppose it could just be P. cervinus with the cap being rather atypical after the sudden drying out in this dry weather.

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I guess..........

I guess the pink/brown spore print suggests that it's Pluteus then.


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Might be interesting to do a

Might be interesting to do a bunch of spore prints on ispot cards or some other similar standard background to give an idea of the range of colours possible.