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Observed: 29th July 2011 By: Graham JamesGraham James’s reputation in InvertebratesGraham James’s reputation in InvertebratesGraham James’s reputation in Invertebrates
treble bar 2
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Species with which Treble-bar (Aplocera plagiata) interacts


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Treble Bars

This is the 3rd species pair (the others are the Copper Underwings and the Twin-spot Carpets) where the "standard" ID feature is potentially misleading, i.e. the angle in the cross-bar on the wing. With the 2 Aplocera the solution, as David indicates, is to look at the rear of the abdomen (a lot easier than the alternatives for the other pairs). Otherwise, it cannot be said with certainty that this is one treble bar or the other.

Robert Homan

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Traditional features

I think I would probably add Uncertain/Rustic to the list where there traditional external ID features may not be as reliable as sometimes thought.

David Howdon