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Red algae

Observed: 26th July 2011 By: Myra W
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red algae
red algae 1

This looked like sea lettuce, but was distinctly red in colour. Any help with identification would be appreciated.

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Sea Oak

Thanks, Paula -I've never heard of sea oak,so I've obviously got a lot to learn. Your input is much appreciated.

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an old post

Yes, there is enough clarity in one or two places, showing the long 'leaves' with toothed edges and strong venation. But it is touch and go, because there are other red algae in the picture.
The common name Sea Oak is, in my opinion very misleading, as it seems to rarely look like oak leaves. In any case dialling in Sea Oak nearly always leads, equally inappropriately, to Halidrys siliquosa.
You could do worse than look at my 'perfect' specimen here and spending some time with Lee's post here (both in Other Obs)