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Limited Choices of Habitat

Several times I've been stumped when asked to select a type of habitat for an observation.

There seems to be no option for dense vegetation or grassland that's not a park or garden, nor farmland, nor is it stricly a hedge. Could one or more new categories be included, or the scopes of some of the existing ones widened?

I appreciate that the iSpot team is already overworked & probably understaffed, but would this not be a simple mod. to make?



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Built areas

Even the addition of Urban areas would be useful?

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Difficult choices

I agree. As I mentioned in another thread, I am finding it rather difficult to make choices for my observations. I appreciate that my habitat is rather unusual, but there are areas that could be defined along "normal" lines if only the range of choices was slightly greater.

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This ...

...is an old debate that has occupied many threads, I personally would find ‘urban’ very useful, unfortunately it is an issue the team seem reluctant to do anything about.


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Habitat choices

Why can't we simply have the option to add our own description when the predefined ones aren't appropriate ?

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Must admit I don't find the habitat entry very useful. Often it can be seen from the photo and in cases where it is not, but is relevant to the ID, users could always enter it as a free text variable.

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I was going to suggest the addition of 'urban' myself.
But I also like the idea of being able to type in my own description of the habitat if there isn't a suitable one provided. Up till now I've just left it blank and made a note under the description.

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If there is not a habitat that matches were I found my observation I simply put a short description in the description box like spotted cat has done.I think this is what we will have to do for the meantime as I think as others said ispot are overstretched and hopefully this will change in the future.