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Irish Hare

Observed: 17th May 2005 By: Jeff BlincowJeff Blincow’s reputation in MammalsJeff Blincow’s reputation in MammalsJeff Blincow’s reputation in Mammals
Irish Hare
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Irish Hare

The only reason I'm agreeing with this identification is that it was observed in Ireland. It is very difficult to tell the two hares apart, especially in summer.

The Irish hare is slightly larger (4cm nose to tail), and tends to be 'brighter' in colour. The other key difference is the Irish hare does not change colour in winter unlike the mountain hare which goes white in cold winters. However, be aware, if it is a mild winter the mountain hare may not change colour.

There is another Irish hare at:

I just hope some mean spirited person does not introduce mountain hares to Ireland, then the identification would be scuppered; if only because the two would hybridise.

Graham Banwell

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