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Unknown Carder bee

Observed: 3rd September 2009 By: yorkieyorkie’s reputation in Invertebratesyorkie’s reputation in Invertebratesyorkie’s reputation in Invertebratesyorkie’s reputation in Invertebrates
Carder sp1 - IMG 0120
Carder sp1 - IMG 0121
Carder sp1 - IMG 0122

Presumed carder bee, but cannot see black hairs diagnostic of B. pascuorum. Feeding on Erysimum in my garden.


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carder bee

That's a gorgeous bee! But I'm afraid I can't help much with the identification. It does look very gingery, and I can't see black hairs on the abdomen - B. pascuorum nearly always has black hairs on the abdomen, but sometimes there are very few of them, and I have seen specimens that appear not to have these hairs until you look for them under a microscope.

The alternatives are B. humilis or B. muscorum, which are even tricker to separate from each other! Much as I'd like to suggest a species name for this one, I think we are hitting the limits of what you can do with a photograph here. Unless anyone else knows better of course!

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