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Jewel Wasp (allegedly)

Observed: 28th July 2011 By: edward_ammoniteedward_ammonite’s reputation in Invertebratesedward_ammonite’s reputation in Invertebrates
Jewel Wasp (allegedly)
Same Jewel Wasp (allegedly)
And again ...
And another picture

He kept moving, but always walking, never flying. He did stop occasionally and I thought he was cleaning himself, but I THINK, looking at the pictures, that he was eating things. He was only mm long though, so it wasn't easy to see. I'm hazarding a guess at a jewel wasp, but I think I need something more precise.

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I stand corrected. I didn’t

I stand corrected. I didn’t know they were two genera that had the same (superficial) general appearance.

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11 genera

There are around 11 genera of what can be called 'ruby-tailed' or 'jewel wasps' (Chrysididae) in the UK, with a few having very similar colour patterns as some Chrysis species. Google: Elampus, Hedychridium and Hedychrum, for example.