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Alive or concrete

Observed: 9th February 2010 By: miked
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Is this a bluish lichen or just different coloured bits of sand in the concrete? On bridge near the Natural England nature reserve sign


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Coloured sand or lichen?

Hello - I think the blue squares are part of the concrete mix rather than lichen - could be wrong but just doesn't seem to be the kind of lichen I've been studying. Having said this, if the blue squares aren't anywhere else on the concrete, perhaps it is lichen. What does anyone think?

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I think it is a lichen but

I think it is a lichen but don't know which one.

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Hi Mike - have a look at Alan

Hi Mike - have a look at Alan Silverside's images of Sarcogyne regularis via the link below:

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It does look rather like the

It does look rather like the Sarcogyne although i can't see the dark rim round the outside of each blue bit.
Wonder how it grows and whether its getting inside the concrete.