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Was it something that I said?

I don't what to appear too precious about the reputation thing, but I seem to have been demoted. Pride comes before a fall, but why the fall?



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I see I am not alone

I see I am not alone. Time for an iSpot Wounded Pride Users Group methinks.

Robert Homan

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Count me in! Plant reputation SLASHED (well, gone down one 'plant'!). It is a bit frustrating, actually...what is the reason? Us competitive types need the sense of achievement!


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Re: Demoted

Pride so wounded, am unable to comment; choking back the tears and mourning lost plant AND lost butterfly. Reputation shredded and am pointed at in the street (and thinking perhaps a clear indication of what was in mind could have been given - "We have looked at this and are thinking of doing that. This will mean that blah blah and some of you who have been so jolly helpful in the past will be ********, but we love you really") I think its called PR.

Instead a fait accompli (What field naturalist looks at a news page in July anyway?)

Robert Homan

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Presumably you have read the

Presumably you have read the news item:


which explains that the reputation system had an 'adjustment'. It affected everyone not just you but some people will see it if their reputation was near the boarder to go down one unit. The reason we made the adjustment was because a minor error was discovered in the calculation so it was giving higher values that it should have in some instances.