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White buttercups

Observed: 2nd July 2011 By: DaviddthomasonDaviddthomason’s reputation in Plants
White buttercups

Except for its colour it is identical to the other yellow buttercups which are abundant in the vicinity. I can't understand why it is white when all the others are yellow.
They are on the cliff-top at north head St. Bees, Cumbria

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Variation is natural.

Some plants only rarely throw out different colour forms. Others do it far more frequently (comfrey, Snake's Head Fritillary, Chalk Milkwort). BTW I think this is probably Field Buttercup (R.acris) but hard to be sure without seeing the leaves.

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from the sun can also cause petals to lose their colour

Please see my Flickr photo's www.flickr.com/photos/129804972@N07/