Change to iSpot reputation system

Martin Harvey's picture

The iSpot reputation system is doing a good job of helping iSpot users understand what degree of confidence can be placed on the identifications suggested, and in highlighting the Likely ID for each observation. And people seem to enjoy adding to their own reputation score through helping others identify the wildlife they have seen.

The system that is currently in place has remained constant since iSpot started, but we have kept it under review, and are now intending to make a small change to the way total scores are calculated. This will have an effect on the current scores for users on the site, and in a minority of cases the number of 'stars' shown for your reputation in each taxonomic group will reduce. No-one should lose more than one star though, and we hope that this won't cause too much disappointment! The main thing is to ensure that the reputation system continues to function well as iSpot becomes busier.