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Wet woodland plant for ID

Observed: 24th July 2011 By: HildesviniHildesvini’s reputation in PlantsHildesvini’s reputation in Plants
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I know this is a difficult one. This plant doesn't seem to have many distinguishing features. I have never seen it flower. It grows in dense patchy clumps in fairly deep shade provided by Sweet Chestnut. It only grows in the wettest part of the valley. Also here are Broad Buckler Fern,Elder and Arum maculatum. Sandy, acid, damp, shaded woodland. Thanks for looking any clues will be appreciated.

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Dog's Mercury

If you want to see the plants flowering you will have to look MUCH earlier in the year! March-April time. Male and female flowers are carried on different plants.

Sarah Patton

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Well Thanks Everyone

That is absolutely brilliant. I thought I was going to have to start a file on the plant and stalk it until I could find an answer.

I can see why I missed the flowers. At that time of year, this part of the wood particularly is just blanketed with first Wood Anemones and then Bluebells and that would distract the eye. Next spring I will look closely at how the Dog's Mercury competes.

Thanks for helping me.