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GB&I vrs rest of the world

I'm concerned about the number of non 'UK' species of bird that are being posted. I have nothing against this in the right place - but I consider it makes the purpose for iSpot confusing. Please, is it to further the ID skills for international birders, or for home birders who wish to improve? My vote is for the latter and, if we wish to also host the former, we do it in a manner that keeps the birds seperate. Thoughts?



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I tend to agree. It is

I tend to agree. It is interesting to see observations of birds overseas, but there ought to be a separate section for them.

There are 10 kinds of people, those who understand binary, and those who don't.
Regards, Nick

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I have to agree also. My

I have to agree also. My skills definitely need honing. Furthermore wasn't this site originally set up to build into a database of B&I's biodiversity? I'm all for non-native species being posted but a seperate catagory would be useful.

Just go out there and do it!!!

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purpose of iSpot

The site should in my opinion serve the needs of the users. It will do that anyway because users will persist in posting whatever they are interested in. As they should. Making a separate section for foreign birds would actively encourage travelling birders to submit observations, which is fine by me. After all, we might be an expert on our home patch but a raw novice in the States.

Bob Ford

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Agreed. This site was "sold"


This site was "sold" to me as a site concentrating on UK&I wildlife.

An "elsewhere" section would be highly appropriate, most likely for holiday sightings.

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Sightings from overseas,

Sightings from overseas, whilst of interest, are I believe distracting from the main subject of UK&I's wildlife. There is quite enough variety in our native fauna and flora without the added complication of overseas races and species needing identification. The original idea of a UK&I resource should, I believe be paramount, but I would be quite happy to have an "overseas" group in which such sightings could be posted.

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That's what I meant - a

That's what I meant - a section in which to segregate non-UK&I sightings, which would have to be accessed deliberately.

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Our policy - iSpot is for you

We have noted this discussion and I want to clarify what our plans are. First, this is a site for species spotted in Britain & Ireland. But, second, we do not want to be heavy-handed in stopping people posting interesting observations from elsewhere. These are in fact in a tiny minority. If the number grew, then we would need to take some kind of action, but our watchword is tolerance. There is too little of this on the net in my opinion.

We are actively pursuing the possibility of creating iSpot for other parts of the world, and if/when this happens these will be parallel sites, not mixed in with the original iSpot. iSpot is creating interest all over the world and people are trying it out from wherever they are, so you will occasionally see such postings. If you enjoy iSpot, then remember that on the internet it's grow or die. We plan to grow iSpot so that it can be a free resource for you indefinitely.

University of Edinburgh and Biodiversity Observatory (OU)