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Unknown feather

Observed: 8th February 2010 By: Nozz
bowdenfeather 1

mottled reddy brown feather, down feathers have pink edges.

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This is from a male Pheasant.

Compare with some of the feathers here;

On a different subject - Pheasant is a species that 'twitchers' would have no interest in, although the media love to refer to anyone with an interest in birds as a twitcher, the term applies only to those who travel to try and see rare birds which have been blown off course (using the term for all birdwatchers is a bit like calling all cars Volkswagens).

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I agree with pheasant body feather.

As you clearly don't like Twitcher, Roy, do you prefer, Birdwatcher, Birdfancier, Birdlover, Birdspotter, Birder, Ornithologist, Naturalist, Ecologist, Dude, Nerd or Naturist? I've had them all though the last definately does not fit, especially with a body like mine!

For me I consider there to be three from the list that fit Ecologist, Naturalist and Ornithologist.

Graham Banwell

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It's off subject from the ID, but since you asked...

It's not that I don't like "Twitcher" (and I'm happy to admit that I am one occasionally - I don't travel far though!). I've also been referred to by many of the names you mentioned, some fit well others don't.
The media are obsessed with the Twitcher name and use it in every story involving wild birds. "Twitchers flock to see rare migrant" would be a valid use, but for a story about the RSPB Garden Birdwatch "Birdwatchers", (or perhaps even "Birdlovers") is a better term to use because the vast majority of those who take part would not even be aware that a rare bird had turned up somewhere - let alone consider travelling to try and see it (which means that they are not twitchers).