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Hairy Wood Ant

Observed: 23rd July 2011 By: Mushroom LadyMushroom Lady’s reputation in InvertebratesMushroom Lady’s reputation in InvertebratesMushroom Lady’s reputation in Invertebrates
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It is not possible to

It is not possible to identify the species from the picture - if you are certain, you would need to have examined the ants at least with a lens. F. rufa/polyctena (as we now have to describe what was previously simply F. rufa) is recorded not far away, though not on NBNG in that hectad, but it is unwise to assume ID on that basis.

If you did not check for the distribution of hairs on eyes and body, it should be left at the genus.



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I have checked the map again

I have checked the map again and moved the marker slightly north. I had difficulty locating the precise part of the forest, but I saw the visitor centre on satellite view, so this may correspond to the NBNG records for F rufa.

I took my ID from the information given by the forestry commission for the particular trail that I walked in the Forest Park. It was accompanied by an MP3 commentary, remarking on the ants' nests. The audio trail script can be found at

Perhaps I should not have assumed their information was correct.

Thanks for the link to hbrg. I have downloaded the Best Practice guide, and hopefully this will help me in future.

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