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Unknown Hemiptera

Observed: 25th July 2011 By: MausMaus’s reputation in InvertebratesMaus’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Very peculiar 'bug', with a walking gait not unlike a toad. The insect is covered, with the exception of the eyes and tarsus, with very fine particles (almost like pebbledash). Body length 9mm. Antenna appear to be in four segments. Found on the floorboards of the upstairs toilet. I have no idea what it is.

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Thankyou Triggrx I've just

Thankyou Triggrx

I've just read on Wikipedia that they can deliver a very painful bite, causign swelling for over week. I was handling it for about an hour last night, and it was pretty nippy but other than that very amiable. Thanks again!