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Grizzled Skipper?

Observed: 12th June 2008 By: sb24599sb24599’s reputation in Invertebratessb24599’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Butterfly on a leaf

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Marbled White

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Just noticed the date you saw it, which is right at the beginning of the Marbled White flight period, so perhaps yours is a browner variety of it rather than faded.

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Marbled White

If this was is SE Europe then another species would be more likely. The cell markings on both fore-wing and hind-wing point to Balkan Marbled White Melanargia larissa.

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Now you come to mention it Jeff it does look a bit different to a 'standard' Marbled White. I don't know the Balkan species, and I assume it is not very likely that one could have migrated to Yateley, but there is always the possibility that one was brought over from the continent either deliberately or in a lorry or something, and then released or escaped at Yately.


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