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Carder Bee

Observed: 26th April 2008 By: sb24599sb24599’s reputation in Invertebratessb24599’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Common Bumble Bee

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Bombus pascuorum

There are some very similar carder bumblebees, but they are much rarer than pascuorum and at your location I don't think any other species is likely.

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"Striped bottom half" is not really a good field character for the orange carder bees, both the other two "orange" species have "stripes" of contrasting, deeper brown/orange on the upper part of the abdomen.

A better character is the presence of black hairs on the abdomen, if the bee has any black hairs anywhere on the abdome except atthe tip of the last segment, then it's Bombus pascuorum.

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