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Lichens in Chudleigh Knighton, Devon

Observed: 1st February 2010 By: Evette Lewis
lichen on fallen branch
lichens on the woodland floor
lichens on tree trunk
highlit lichens in the wood
lichen growing on tree
lichen hanging on branch
lichen on bark
lichen on branch
lichen on branch 8

These lichens are found in the small wooded area just outside the village


No identification made yet.

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Hi Evette, This could get

Hi Evette,
This could get confusing as there are so many photographs with several different species included! Another time it would be better to post just one or two clear photos in an observation.

2nd row, photo on the right:
Probably Evernia prunastri

3rd row, photo on right:
Could be Hypotrachyna revoluta

4th row, in the photo on the right:
Left - yellow foliose lichen is Xanthoria parietina.
Top, just left of centre - probably Evernia prunastri with a Ramalina sp. to the right of it with apothecia (fruiting bodies) just about visible at the tips of the lobes.
Approximately central below that there is another Ramalina, probably R. farinacea, non-fertile with narrow, strap-like lobes.

5th row - not lichen, looks like moss or liverwort.

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Hi Jenny,
thanks for the observations. I posted these in response to a call for photos by 2 scientists who wanted to get lots of pictures of lichen from around the UK. This was to see how much polution affected the environment I think.

I got carried away I think!

Anyway, thanks again,