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Observed: 15th July 2011 By: ph5373
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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Long slender legs. About 4mm body. Blotchy coloured abdomen

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Spiders have a 2-part body

Spiders have a 2-part body (head+thorax distinct from the abdomen), and ~8 eyes on the front of the head. Opiliones (harvestmen) have a 1-part body and two eyes, one on each side of a little turret on top of the head.



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Change in Identification

Thank you for the several comments made. I have found this a difficult identification but now accept that it is more likely to be a harvestman. Not a true spider - but I did believe I did 'see' a two part body. Point about eyes noted -I fear my photograph was just not good enoughto to tell.