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Rock hyrax

Observed: 10th October 2000 By: dshubble
Leaf Beetle Recording SchemeSouthampton Natural History Society
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One fo a group at Fischer's Tower in Hell's Gate NP.

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Yellow spotted, or Bruce's hyrax

This is a yellow-spotted hyrax, also known as Bruce's hyrax (Heterohyrax brucei). The key distinguishing feature are the pale spots above the eyes. They are both found in Hell's Gate NP.

Interesting fact: even though they look like a Guinnea pig which is haveing a bad day they are most closely related to elephants, they just don't have the trunk, the size, the grey leathery skin ......

Graham Banwell

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Ta for that - I've just had a look in Macdonald's Encyclopedia of Mammals and there's a good pic there too (they give the common name of Bruce's Yellow-spoted Hyrax just to cover all eventualities...).