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Small Unknown Bird - ?? Snow Bunting

Observed: 31st January 2010 By: David EcofaithDavid Ecofaith’s reputation in Birds

Small, Robin-sized: finch-like beak; creamy white breast; buff-brown head with darker stripe over crown; darker sides; pinkish white feet. Did not see back, tail or wings.

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snow bunting

colouration for snow bunting is good but don't they usually have black or dark legs? Not sure about chaffinch either.

Just go out there and do it!!!

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Be sure. It is a perfectly

Be sure. It is a perfectly normal female Chaffinch.

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?? Snow Bunting or Chaffinch

Thanks for your helpful comments. I doubt if it is a Snow Bunting, but also not sure about a chaffinch: how about a young female Brambling (Fringilla Montifringilla)? with a white creamy yellow breast, rather than a pinky red one. Also light coloured legs/feet, and a lighter/brown-buff head rather than a dareker grey one.

David Ecofaith

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David - it is a Chaffinch.

David - it is a Chaffinch.

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I agree. The combination of soft grey-brown markings and plain head is absolutely right for a female chaffinch. A brambling would have more gold colours on the breast, as would a snow bunting. Willow warblers have thin bills, yellow eye-stripes, green heads ... and are in Africa now.

Bob Ford