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Golden Ringed Dragonfly

Observed: 5th June 2011 By: aw397aw397’s reputation in Invertebratesaw397’s reputation in Invertebrates
Golden Ringed Dragonfly

A large dragonfly sitting on the road, somewhere near Cairnryan in Dumfries & Galloway

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... how'd you get it to sit by a 50p coin? These things are usually a little skittish. Since its wings are held over its back, I suspect either a very fresh emergence or superglue. ;-)


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Or concusion...

It is a recently emerged individual (note the dull brown, not bright green, eyes, and the pale pterostigma on the wings).

I would suspect that it has also been stunned by a car (and I don't mean that it's simply in awe of said motor vechicle!).

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Thanks Roy ...

... for confirming my suspicions as to age. I was going purely on wing attitude but I see what you mean about the other indicators.

There are few pleasantly stunning vehicles on the road - in my price bracket, at least. ;-)

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Stunned by cars

There was a car going along the road just minutes before found it. So, stunned by car most likely explanation why it didn't fly away. My friend carried it to the hedge and he said it has only got 3 wings.

Re. stunning cars: there aren't any, because they all kill stunning creatures like these.
Sometimes I wonder how many dragonflies, bumblebees, butterflies etc are killed on the roads ?