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Woodcock feathers

Observed: 24th July 2011 By: browntrumpetbrowntrumpet’s reputation in Birdsbrowntrumpet’s reputation in Birdsbrowntrumpet’s reputation in Birds

From under a Peregrine perch/plucking post. Found during the snowy weather last winter

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I can't see a perigrine taking a woodcock as they are nocturnal and visit mud/beaches at night. Maybe pheasant?

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Prey item

Perhaps i should add this. The year before, again during snowy weather, a woodcock was taken. On this occasion it's head fell to the ground(!) giving 100% id (big sad eye, different size bill to snipe). Also a snipe fell to ground almost intact to showcase difference between the 2 species.
Perch is on town centre church, so nocturnal hunting a possibility, but surely snow covered ground is not coincidence?

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I think....

I think it was on Autumn Watch last year that they had film of a Peregrine taking a Woodcock.But at both dawn and dusk as Woodcock flight in from or out to their feeding grounds I'm sure they are sometimes targeted by the Peregrine.
Hope this helps Peter

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No problem!

Peregrines certainly are known to take Woodcock (and other species) on migration over cities, at night, where they can hunt in the light from street lamps...etc. The sighting says here, though, that it was during the snowy weather, when Woodcock were very commonly seen during the day, anyway, as they struggled for food in the frozen conditions.

So...possible either way.


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I stand corrected. Nice to hear other peoples experiences too. The feathers do look like woodcock.

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Peregrine prey

It's a bit gruesome, i know, but it's the best way to find out what is taken.
Quite a varied diet considering the number of pigeons around.