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Red Kites

Observed: 6th February 2010 By: asbostaffasbostaff’s reputation in Birdsasbostaff’s reputation in Birdsasbostaff’s reputation in Birds
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Two Red Kites

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A tricky one

Tricky to be sure of the ID of these as they are just in silhouette . However I think I can make out enough forking in the tail to eliminate Black Kite.

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2 black kites would be a pretty remarkable occurrence! The top one is clearly a red kite, as for the other one I'm happy to accept the observer's comment that the 2 were both red kites.

The behaviour could well be courtship, or it could just as easily be 2 siblings indulging in a bit of play-fighting.

Bob Ford

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Red Kites are - dare I say it - pretty common where I live, on the borders of Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire. When we moved here five years ago, they were an exciting occasional sight. Now, it's a disappointing day when you don't see one. My main frustration is that I have yet to get a good photo of one.

John O'D