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Painted Lady

Observed: 13th July 2011 By: saf7670saf7670’s reputation in Invertebrates
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No interactions present.

Species with which Small Tortoiseshell (Aglais urticae) interacts


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It would be useful to recategorise this as an invertebrate, so that pictures of the same, correct species can appear.


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Should the title not be changed - as it becomes misleading in Other Observations?
In fact, should Other Observations be derived from positive ID's (whenever possible)?

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Something has gone wrong here .... ...

Small Tortoiseshell with 16 agreements should be the primary one, usually the predominate ID is shaded but although Painted Lady seems to have taken precedence (which is wrong) neither is shaded.

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Thanks Roger.
How do you spot these comments in old postings - do you get notified?
I have begun to trawl back though historic ones. Is it reasonable, perhaps valuable, for me to comment on such old ones?

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I saw this because ... .. .

it was flagged up in the Changes tab so I had a look and found your comment. Just realised that it might not be showing a proper ID because, as Orphys points out, it should be in Invertebrates, that change might solve the problem.

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The image title needs recaptioned i -spot is agreeing this a Small Tortoise with a wrong caption - it will not retitle the uploaded image as such you can however edit it in your observations button . It is also in the wrong category ? as opposed to Inverts which again can be changed in Observations Edit which is incidental -


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