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Roesel's Bush-cricket - long winged form

Observed: 23rd July 2011 By: VinnyVinny’s reputation in InvertebratesVinny’s reputation in InvertebratesVinny’s reputation in InvertebratesVinny’s reputation in Invertebrates
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First time I've seen this species and it's always a delight to find something a little different. Apparently the shorter winged form is more prevalent - the long winged appearing in warm summers. The warm spring must have triggered this insect to grow long ones. Their preferred habitat is lush grassland.

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I've seen the long winged form for the first time this year on two occasions in central London. Doesn't seem to have been an unduly hot summer though.

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Maybe the spring heatwave...

...was enough of a trigger. The ground in many areas of the southern half of England stayed dry and warmed up very quickly in April/May. From my personal experience this year this many Orthoptera species bred early and successfully! The recent rain may have taken the edge off the temperature, but it's allowed many grasses to really flourish again - so plenty of food available for them. Plague of locusts anyone? ;)

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The long-winged form can also

The long-winged form can also be triggered by (lack of) food availability, and high population density during development - the hot spring may well have helped both of these by allowing greater numbers of nymphs to survive and by frazzling the grass they feed on

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