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Common wall lizards

Observed: 23rd July 2011 By: Masked Marvel
The British Herpetological Society
Amphibians and Reptiles expert
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Common wall lizards from Shoreham Beach, both green and brown forms were seen

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I think I have read somewhere

I think I have read somewhere that the Shoreham colony derives from Italian lizards that escaped from a local collection

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Yes, that's right, the green

Yes, that's right, the green ones are definitely Italian in origin. I wonder if some might be from elsewhere because in most of northern and western Europe they are brown.

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Podarcis siculus

Apparently there were some Italian wall lizards Podarcis siculus also escaped from the same collection, but these were pretty soon outcompeted by the common wall lizards which cope a bit better with the British climate and there are none left now.