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Northern Eggar

Observed: 23rd July 2011 By: lpearcelpearce’s reputation in Invertebrateslpearce’s reputation in Invertebrateslpearce’s reputation in Invertebrateslpearce’s reputation in Invertebrates

This large moth was in the light trap last night. Think it is an Oak Eggar and given location and darker marking, possibly the Northern form. Although my books are not too clear how you can separate Oak from Northern?

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Happy to agree with your ID on the basis of location, but the distinction between 'normal' Oak Eggar and the northern form does seem to be quite subtle.

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Waring and Townsend indicates that the situation with the subspecies of L. quercus is rather confused with key features varying within population and an intermediate zone in the middle of the country.

Personally I wonder if the differences are little more than a local response to climatic conditions.

There may well be some evidence to resolve it one way or the other somewhere.