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Cattle Egret

Observed: 1st January 2010 By: Marita
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Cattle egret hunting in a garden

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It looks rather similar to

It looks rather similar to cattle egret and its in the right part of the world but looks a bit different to the other ones of these I've seen - bit greyer and looks somewhat different in how its walking and bigger. Do you have also have whiter ones there too or do they change colour during the year?

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They do change colour during

They do change colour during the year. I chose the photos where the egret is hunting perhaps thats why it looks like it has a different way of walking. This one was hunting insects in the flower beds out side our apartment. It is amazing to watch how it catches insects, the egret does a sort of funny wobble before grabbing the insect with its beak (second photo). I saw this bird on a bird watching holiday in egypt we saw many egrets some where whiter some even sat on cattle/sheep/camels etc. I think the bigger size is an illusion.

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The grey colour is some sort of staining.

This is a Cattle Egret and should be white in winter and white with buff patches in breeding plumage - the grey colouring this one shows will be staining on the feathers.

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i wonder what could cause

i wonder what could cause grey staining, maybe just dust.