Can you help iSpot celebrate National Science and Engineering Week?

Martin Harvey's picture

March 2010 sees the return of National Science and Engineering Week (NSEW), the exciting UK-wide festival of thousands of events and involving hundreds of thousands of people. This year NSEW is celebrating the earth and its biodiversity, and has paid iSpot a big compliment by adopting us as a model for one of its main activities.

NSEW has set up a website called What on Earth to encourage people to send in photos of wildlife and get them identified – familiar activities for iSpot users! iSpot is being clearly promoted on the What on Earth site, which will help bring in many new users to our site.

We think this is an excellent opportunity to get more people involved with wildlife, and are hoping that you can help. If you're already active on iSpot, would you be able to spare a little time over the coming weeks to look at the photos on What on Earth, and help identify those? It would be fantastic if the iSpot community can provide its support to NSEW and help make What on Earth a success over the next couple of months. What on Earth runs up until the end of March, after which anyone going to that site will be signposted back to iSpot.

NSEW's main 'week' runs from 12-21 March, but as of today What on Earth is up and running, so your help will be much appreciated whwnever you have a chance to look at it.

NSEW is also organising lots of other events around the biodiversity theme, to join in see the main NSEW website.

Please do support What on Earth if you can – you don't need to be an expert, just willing to help pass on your experience to others interested in wildlife!