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Fox cubs

Observed: 16th July 2011 By: PhilHPhilH’s reputation in Mammals
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There are at least two fox cubs around our garden which have been eating large quantities of fallen plums. There are also adults around judging by the size of some of the droppings which we have the pleasure of clearing up every day.
We've also seen wood pigeon feathers and the remains of wings near to fox droppings. Is it likely that a fox could catch a pigeon?

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Wood pigeons................

Wood pigeons are pretty ungainly birds and thus I imagine pretty easy prey for foxes. I have seen many wood pigeon feathery messes minus corpse which I assume have been taken by a fox.


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I had six foxes in my garden at one time (a vixen and five cubs). They do make a mess (I though a one time cats were supposed to deter foxes). Unfortunately they now associate humans with a free meal and also stalk pets including small dogs and our ginger cat.
Regarding pigeons, they will try to catch anything wild that moves. I've seen a brown rat that's a good ten inches long (excluding tail) left on the lawn. It's true what they say about chickens (they'll kill the lot given the chance and leave the bodies for later, which I've seen for real).

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that first pic is fab.

that first pic is fab. thanks!