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Observed: 21st July 2011 By: PhilHPhilH’s reputation in Invertebrates

Small ladybird seen on a lupin leaf. Two orange spots on a black background with two black dots inside the spots. White face.

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I think this is -

A Harlequin ladybird, form conspicua. The spots look right, not sure about the head markings though.

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Head markings can't be seen

Head markings can't be seen in this shot. The pronotum markings look standard for Harlequin though - melanic individuals usually just have the white edges, rather than the black-and-white M found on form succinea individuals

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Harmonia axyridis form Conspicua

This I think is the Harmonia axyridis form Conspicua and as the post above the white markings on the pronotun indicative withouit doubt of Harmonia axyridis as said they do slightly vary between forms

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