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Bottle-nosed Dolphin

Observed: 6th August 2007 By: Jeff BlincowJeff Blincow’s reputation in MammalsJeff Blincow’s reputation in MammalsJeff Blincow’s reputation in Mammals
Bottle-nosed Dolphin
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Bottlenose dolphins

Even without the clearly visible, steeply swept back dorsal fin and prominant long muzzle this would have been a relatively easy one to agree with, considering where you were.

Graham Banwell

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Any individual ID?

I'm not sure if that is water in front of the dorsal or if it is marked (though I guess it is a splash). If it is marked, it would be pretty easy to identify in a catalogue (which I think WDCS hold for this location). There are some bumps and nicks on the trailing edge, so individual ID may be possible.

Presumably that's a calf/juvenile alongside, suggesting a female